Will Chen Editor-in-chief

At the innocent age of 11 while foraging though his father's closet for curiosities, Will Chen found an old, dusty trapezoidal Pandora's box. Opening it was love at first site...

While in high school in the early 90's, Will played in various bands the most notable being the bassist for Houston, Texas based Rawhead Rex which also featured Mike Roeder (of Austin, Texas based Zycos) on guitar, and was the assistant private guitar instructor at Banff Private School in 1992.

In 1994 while studying jazz guitar performance at the University of North Texas, Will cofounded the Denton, Texas based blues rock band Floodwaters (also known as Wellington Drive) handling vocals, guitars, and on occasion keyboard. Floodwaters continued performing regionally until around 2002 when the band finally called it quits. On occasion, Will plays solo gigs and sits in with the Heartfire praise band of First United Methodist Church in Coppell, Texas.

During the same time frame (and since), Will continues to hone his recording and production skills and hopes to launch a music production company in the near future, offering mobile recording services, custom music beds, foley and audio editing.

Frustrated with the lack of coverage in the major guitar publications of affordable instruments, Will Chen launched in February 2008, a site dedicated to providing readers with detailed reviews of under-the-radar gear and guides to the best bargains on the net.

Adrian Webb Guitar Gear Editor 

In the early 70's starting at the rebel age of 16 and in several garage bands, Adrian Webb played many clubs, bars, pubs, even at High School dances in the New York metro area. "Heck, we didn't care. As long as we were getting paid we would take any gig. As time went by my interest in different guitars grew and now I'm a guitar collector and guitar gear junkie - someone help me".

"Over the years I started and still maintain a modest collection of guitars, constantly changing, and buying & selling guitars, and looking for the next best deal. I'm a regular guy with a limited budget and I would say that my "specialty" is finding high quality, undervalued affordable gems. I really enjoy the relentless hunt for deep discounted bargains. That's why they call me the Frugal Shopper. I look forward in sharing my bargain buying experiences with you as well as conducting guitar & guitar gear reviews".

Adrian is not only our resident expert at finding "deals" but he has also written just shy of thirty (30) reviews for and written a couple buying guides for eBay also. For face to face interaction with Adrian as well as video's of the guitars & gear he will be reviewing feel free to visit his "AwebbnFreinds" YouTube Chanel.

John Dybala Guitar Instruction

I've been playing guitar since the tender age of 13 and I haven't been right in the head since. Simon and Simon, The Munster's Theme and of course The A-Team were some of my first air guitar songs to play. I guess I just gave away my age. I love the guitar, but I'm still confounded by it and what other musicians seem to be able to do with it, so effortlessly. It drives me on.

As a student I'm constantly learning and challenging myself to play new things. I've been playing for almost 20 years now and the one thing I've gotten pretty good at is practicing. I also love teaching people new things. If any of my lessons help you to avoid getting stuck in any of the ruts I found myself in from time to time, then my time was well spent. Sometimes you haven't really learned something until you've conveyed or taught it to another person. So share the wealth and spread the word.

Alan "Frets99" Sirvent Guitar Correspondent

Alan has been playing guitar since his early teens. When he was 11, his father knocked on his door and gave him an electric guitar and amplifier that someone had sold to him at work. What started as an out of the blue surprise, ended up being one of the great loves of his life. He taught himself electric and acoustic guitar and, along the way, picked up the bass guitar.

In his early teens, he played acoustic guitar at worship in the church he grew up in. Throughout his life, he has played in bands ranging from various blues and blues & rock bands, to an acoustic duo with a mandolin player. The earliest paying gigs of his later teens were playing blues in local clubs of ill repute in Brooklyn, NY. Luckily his dad, mom and the church never found this out till now! The acoustic duo, NOS, hosted an open mic in Holliston, MA for a couple of years. His most recent gig was with an adult contemporary band, backing singer Dianne Corbin.

Alan spends a lot of time haunting guitar stores in Massachusetts. He's happy to count local M&P guitar shop owners as his friends. These relationships have let him demo countless instruments unfettered to his hearts content.

Brian Martin Bass Correspondent

In his 15 years of experience on both electric and double bass, Brian Martin has worked to mix his diverse influences including Jaco, John Paul Jones, Marcus Miller, Mark Egan and Paul Chambers into a unique style. He has been invited twice to Germany to play in the Pink Pop Music Summer Jazz Workshop. Brian played in several bands while studing Economics and Communications at the University of Oklahoma and is one of the original members of the band Resident Funk. Currently Brian plays in Heartfire, an 11 piece praise band for the First United Methodist Church in Coppell, TX.

Gear over the years have included Pedulla, Musicman, Roscoe, Fender, and Ibanez basses. Current rig includes a Crate BX80 12" combo amp and Whirlwind DI.