Jay Turser JT-200Pro

Sunday, August 31, 2008| by Will Chen

With its slightly translucent eggplant burst, extended double cutaway with rounded horns, and bound carved top, the Jay Turser JT-200Pro certainly has a unique look; like the love child of a Les Paul and an SG. The workmanship is excellent across the board and I couldn’t find any cosmetic flaws. At just less than eight pounds; the guitar is fairly balanced and comfortable. However, the forward strap end is located at the guitars heel which causes a very slight neck dive.

The bound, glossy, set neck is substantial, but far from beefy, providing just the right amount of girth for those who prefer slightly thicker necks. The fretwork is immaculate, kudos! Tuner action is fairly smooth and the guitar stayed in tune without any slippage or binding at the nut. Action was excellent from the factory so without further adue, let’s go for a spin…

Unfortunately upon plugging up, the review model had a slight grounding issue which made the guitar a little noisier than a humbucker guitar should be. Gabriel with American Music and Sound (Jay Turser’s parent company) assured me this was an isolated issue and not a design defect. Taking a look into the otherwise nice and tidy control cavity, the negative lead to ground the bridge had come loose and was the culprit.

The humbucking pickups in this baby are nice and hot, perfect for palm muted mayhem and hard rock. Cosmetically, their cream color provides a nice contrast to the purple finish. Even at moderate gain levels, this baby screams with the best of them. I couldn’t help throwing the guitar into drop D tuning and chunking out some metal riffs. The JT-200Pro will certainly satisfy those who enjoy heavier tones.

On the other hand, I was extremely surprised to find how effective backing the volume knob down was. The sound cleaned up respectfully while retaining high end clarity, a rarity with stock pickups this hot. I was also pleased with how well the pickups complemented each other. Backing down the neck pickup’s volume slightly offered an extremely sweet and singing tone which was very inspiring and perfect for bluesy soloing. A flick of the pickup selector provides all the bite and snarl of the bridge pickup when you need that extra bark. The tone controls are also usable across their entire sweep. Backing the tone knob way down and using the neck pickup, I was able to elicit a smoky tone perfect for smooth jazz grooving. Very nice!

Overall, the Jay Turer JT-200 Pro is a surprisingly versatile guitar offering up tones running the gamut from aggressive metal to jazz.

Price: ~$180 to $260 USD
Pros: Versatile tones, light weight.
Cons: Minor wiring issue.


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