Windows 7, Digital Audio, and You

Wednesday, October 21, 2009| by Will Chen

So here we are a day away from the release of much hyped Windows 7 and the early word is it is a vast improvement in stability over Vista rivaling the stability of Windows XP but with some major tweaks to enhance multi threading performance and memory usage. Will it offer the average DAW enough of an improvement to warrant an upgrade? The jury is still out. To the best of my knowledge Cakewalk is the only company with a marketing push claiming Windows 7 compatibility. But even if your DAW is compatible, that doesn’t guarantee all your lovely VST effects and instruments will be nor your audio interface. Personally, I’m very excited about the release and am looking forward to giving it a spin but will likely wait a bit to hear the reports of the early converters.

Here's a couple links detailing some of the enhancements in the Windows 7 operating system and how they will affect/improve the DAW user experience:

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